Public School Taekwondo P.E Class

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Maser Park is currently providing TAEKWONDO Classes at Local Public school in San Diego California.
The principal of his TAEKWONDO Class is just not just teaching Physical exercises.
It is more likely, providing Taekwondo classes as solution of educating humanism in all U.S public schools.
Many leader of local public schools are following Master Park’s principal and his will with full of expectation.



Dear President and Parents

Taekwondo means education program physically and mentally. It encourages students to apply the social and character skills learned in the classroom to their home and school lives

For physical benefit, it makes our student to get strong body with coordination and balance training. It makes their healthier life. In addition, throughout repeating form with both left and right side of their body it can make their academic skill’s improvement.

For mentally strength, students experience to earn confidence, discipline, self-control, self-defense and focus. During Taekwondo class, they encourage their working and learn how to control themselves and how to be focused and how to defense themselves. This is related to mind-control and it can make them to be strong mentally.

Based on these philosophy, I try to teach students.

If you have any questions and concerns, please let me know at any time.

Thank you!